CASA LAS TINAJAS offers a cozy accommodation, located in the historic center of Iznájar.
It is a house that preserves intact the charm of the 19th century, the date of its construction, but with the comforts of the 21st century. Our rooms preserve the architecture, appeal and aesthetics of the time but with a modern touch that guarantees maximum comfort.

Come visit us and discover corners at CASA LAS TINAJAS that will surprise you.


At CASA LAS TINAJAS we have tried to preserve all the main elements as they were conceived at the time of its construction in the 19th century. Many of the rooms remain intact and others have been renovated to regain their beauty. The stone walls, the hydraulic floors, the central staircase, the Cordovan patio ... everything you find reminds you of those spaces that have already been lost with the passage of time but without giving up comfort and convenience.


In the common areas you will enjoy the fresh air or the sun in our Cordovan patio, where you can sit and enjoy alone or in the company of a typical Andalusian corner, have a drink or take a bath in our small pool.

In our cafeteria you can enjoy breakfast, as well as taste delicious cuisine that will complete your experience at CASA LAS TINAJAS.


It is unknown how and when huge JARS were placed in the foundation of the house, buried in the basement of an underground cellar that have remained hidden for years. Come discover a surprising and unique corner, dug by hand in the stone a long time ago and recovered to enjoy a space unlike anything you have seen so far. Once the luster was returned to the jars, it was easy for us to find a name for our accommodation.

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